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First, I started a Time Log (Spread Sheet) too see time spent and progress along the way.  Secondly, I started a Build Log to account all the changes from build to build. I'm going to start with rebuilding the Main Menu to include everything I want in the finished product. I also started working on the comic pages, but I don't know how to share that without spoiling it. I'm going to be giving out some of the comic pages with the Demo anyways so I'll probably show those pages. I'm also debating what coding system to use as I already had something built, but it didn't deal with slopes. I solved that issue on the side, but the code was tied-in in a weird way. I figure I should just redo it so I can use the same system for the next game, even if I don't plan on even using the slopes for this one.

I really wish I had some more time for this.  This time around I'm ganna put together a good amount of things and at a playable complete level, I'll try to build a kick starter. While its a dream to work on this full time, its still a lot of work. I should probably do some Devlogs about everything that goes into a game. For the next game, I plan to use lighting shaders like the ones used in really expensive games. It's not the hardest thing to implement, but at the moment it's unnecessary, way more work, and not adding it does give me something to grow to afterward. Quick last note, implement doesn't mean fine-tune XD - working vs work of art.

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This was suppose to be put out on a weekly schedule, but I forgot to press publish.