Starting Again Next Year

PS, the reason I'm waiting on continuing the game right now is because I'm trying to get some new skills on my side. I'm trying to learn about hit boxes ATM and a few other things but, hit boxes is the important part

To Do

• Bug: Animation buffer issue when jumping after sliding, will fix as soon as I get some time.

• Bug: Teleportation happening with collisions in water on first map prob due to fixing location with hmm idk prob the floor.

• Tweak: Tiles

• Add: Options Menu:

 ◘ Controls

 ◘ Subtitles On / Off

 ◘ Language: English / Spanish

• Add: Fall animation and loss system: slow down, fall animation, get up animation, get up animation, actual the taught frustrates me but whats a game if u cant lose. hmm must think about this

• Add: Pause Menus: Restart level, Level Select, Main Menu, are you sure?

• Add: Make Music

• Tweak: Upon falling on sliding, carry over the completion onto the next slide save in variable and resume once entering slide again if not jumping out,

• Limit the slide time in time out window so that the speed increase cant be abused

• Add: Enemies death animation

• Add: Pause character slightly upon being hit by enemy to insentience not getting hit

Thrown out or Stored Away Ideas

• Trash Bin: Good People (Actually Cutting This to narrow the  scope)


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Apr 08, 2018

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